About Jolene

    Jolene’s life achievements are numerous; ranging from mother, RN, pilot, leader, counselor, volunteer, fitness competitor/model, published author, regular featured radio guest and public speaker.  Jolene believes her life’s mission is to inspire others, as the word indicates “breathe life into” like “CPR”!

    She speaks from the heart of personal familiarity, not just something she has read or studied. Her numerous experiences, even in the face of multiple health adversities, when shared, have had a powerful, dynamic and life-changing impact on others.

    She is equally at ease pumping iron with the big boys, steering a kayak through rough water, doing a precision landing in a small plane, nursing a patient in the ICU, giving pastoral care through her church, competitive fitness modelling, judging and hosting, or addressing a conference of business-people on “overcoming adversity”.

    She does this all with effortless grace and intentional living. Jolene lives with such continuous ambition and drive, leading to self-inspiration that becomes contagious and is shared freely.

    She has encountered significant risk, overcoming staggering health challenges, with endless faith, hope, strength, and courage. When faced with adversity, Jolene embraces challenges and emerges stronger with her absolute resolve to persevere.

    It doesn’t matter the role: mother, sister, daughter, friend, mentor, mother, nurse, pilot, volunteer, competitor, or writer.  She gives always, an accessible heart, a wing a shoulder an