Jolene demonstrates a commitment to always be growing! She has
    overcome physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual odds,
    yet is determined to maintain a lifestyle that is well-rounded.
    Her priorities are clear – to do life well in a manner that honours God,
    herself, her family and her world. This involves living an
    intentional life even when dealing with staggering health challenges
    and difficult life situations. She is passionate about a lifestyle that
    includes regular work outs, eating heathful foods, staying connected with her
    husband, adult children, family and friends and spending time growing
    in her faith. Jolene has a huge heart for hurting people and finds
    extraordinary ways to “be there” in life-changing ways. The fact
    that Jolene has the courage, strength, determination and focus to live a life
    that makes a difference in our world is an inspiration to me to serve
    others in the same manner.

    Jan Congram

    Jolene has been
    my loyal friend and guardian angel for 51 years. I admire her unsurpassed
    ability to reach others, through devoting infinite time and energy while
    modelling strong compassion and determination. When faced with adversity,
    Jolene embraces challenges and emerges stronger from subsequent
    experiences. Her husband’s career took the Roberts and their three children to Oklahoma in 1993, where
    although discouraged by skeptics, Jolene earned her pilot’s license. Two years
    later, in deteriorating health, Jolene received a diagnosis of Systemic Lupus.
    The ensuing medication created negative side effects, however upon returning to
    Windsor Jolene pursued yoga and running. Although advised to forfeit
    running, Jolene persevered, and emerged with improved pulmonary function. At
    50, Jolene began weight training and captured First Place Masters in
    competition!   Jolene’s visible outward strength mirrors her internal strength, and she strives to
    provide inspiration to others through delivering motivational speeches in order
    to  ‘breathe life’ into others on a larger scale.


    Jolene Roberts has been a very dear friend of mine for over
    40 years.  Increasingly over the years,
    she has continued to amaze me.  Those who
    know Jolene would undoubtedly  list her
    many accomplishments as motivating and inspirational.  She has earned her private pilot’s license,
    taken up kayaking, continued her university studies, started competing  (and winning) fitness competitions, models,
    and does pastoral care at her church.  In
    addition to these accomplishments she has supported her husband and lovingly
    raised three outstanding children, all the while, fighting her own ongoing
    health- care battle with an autoimmune disease.   While all these accomplishments are
    impressive, what I find most inspirational about Jolene is her absolute resolve
    to persevere.  Challenges make her
    stronger and more committed to her goals.
    She continuously examines, analyzes and betters herself.  Jolene speaks from the heart about her
    experiences in hopes of helping and motivating others.

    Kim Collavino

    I met Jolene Roberts in a class on the psychology of
    aging.  She stood out from everyone in
    the class.  She radiated a palpable yet
    contained energy.  Her contributions to
    the class made it clear that this was a special person.  She spoke in detail of trials and
    tribulations from her past transparently with no hint of hubris.

    We learned about how she overcame a severe auto immune
    disease that had nearly immobilized her.
    In spite of childhood traumas, physical disease, Jolene has stepped
    forward and made a mark in her community volunteering with spiritual
    organizations, enhancing her education with university courses, competing and
    winning first place in fitness competitions, and achieving her pilot’s license
    while being a mother to three children.

    She has been  sharing her story of agony and triumph with
    many others in her community at every opportunity. Jolene walks the walk of
    motivating and inspiring others.


    I AM INSPIRED BY JOLENE ROBERTS!                By Ed Roberts

    I had the absolute pleasure to be married to the human dynamo that is Jolene
    Roberts.  She is inspiring to me because of effortless grace in all she undertakes. Jolene is equally at ease pumping
    iron with the big boys, steering a kayak through fast-water, doing a precision
    landing in a small-plane, nursing a critically-ill patient in the ICU, or
    addressing a conference of business-women on “overcoming adversity”.  Jolene has raised three children, but has
    managed our finances, done pastoral care for our church, does fitness modeling
    and mentoring, and continues to educate herself.  She is coping with two major autoimmune
    diseases which have threatened her life, yet Jolene forges forward with
    boundless optimism, faith, and enthusiasm, always looking at the bright side.
    She also makes the best meals on Earth!

    Thomas Matt: Jolene Roberts- Inspiration can come in many ways, I would like to tell you about a woman who
    has the story that really gets the energy moving, Jolene Roberts.
    Jolene has overcome so many obstacles to reach her phenomenal position in life,
    she survived a major illness, helps others through her work and then continues
    to radiate energy through her passion for physical fitness. She is a giver in the world of medicine as a nurse, which I can tell you as a
    man who is married to a health care provider is a very demanding job.
    Jolene has battled an illness that could have taken her completely away form
    the world of fitness, the easy way out , however she decided that she would be
    a trail blazer and work out and work through her illnesses. Using her drive to
    become a competitive body-builder takes such determination it is hard to
    describe the effort that it takes to stay with it.
    She wants to be a leader in this world to show others that even though you can
    be very sick you can battle through and maintain a level of fitness that can be
    an example to others that you can never give up, never quit trying, she is a
    person who should be considered as an example as a person who can lead by
    example, she is a wonder to the world, and motivator to women and men.


    she lives with such continuous ambition and drive
    leading to self inspiration that becomes contagious, and shared freely.

    she has experienced significant risk, overcoming odds
    with endless strength, hope and courage.

    she gives always, an accessible heart, a wing, a
    shoulder, a torch.

    It doesn’t matter the role: mother, sister, daughter,
    friend, wife, mentor, nurse, pilot, volunteer, competitor, writer, speaker….a

    She is living inspiration.

    Daughter- Kailey